Orrin Woodward Joins Brig Hart's MonaVie

With baited breath, we have waited the required six months to learn where the Team would end up. Almost as much suspense as the lottery......

There's almost a bit of irony that Orrin et al would head to MonaVie.

Orrin Woodward Leadership Team
Here is the long awaited announcement from Chris and Terri and Laurie and I. Thank you to Chris Brady for his incredible servant leadership in writing the final article! This is the first step on our journey to our destiny! God Bless, Orrin Woodward

A Long Term Vision

Here is a bit of a vision for where we think the industry can, should, and must go! This won’t all happen tomorrow, but it is ripe for the picking, and we plan on doing it, when the timing is right!

The Hedgehog Concept of the Future

Author Jim Collins writes about what he calls a “Hedgehog Concept” in his book Good to Great. He represents this as the core competency at which an organization can become the best in the world. He said it would be the intersection of several other competencies. Using Collin’s model, let’s look at what could and should be done in this industry.

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