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As you may have read, Alticor is launching a new site called Fanista.
Below is a sample of the invitation email posted at Idolator.
Like you, I'm an ardent fan of all things entertainment. That's one of the reasons I am so excited to be a part of a new company called Fanista.com. It is a web site made for real, impassioned fans. The site's community is focused exclusively on music, DVDs, games and books, and is a place where members can share their reviews and opinions as well as shop. In its simplest form, Fanista.com is an attempt to replicate online what we all do in the physical world: champion the artists and entertainment we love. Also, like the real world, there is NO charge or subscription fee to do what it is we all do so naturally.

I'd really love for you to be one of the first reviewers. Why? Well, to be honest, we need you -- someone smart, inspiring and articulate to help us build the foundation of the community. From what I've read of your writing, seems you fit the mold.

And we're willing to reward you for your efforts if you're interested. Through our unique "Common Interest Commerce," or "CIC," rewards program, users who become CIC members can earn up to two levels of commission: 5% of every purchase made by the friends they bring in, and, when their friends become CIC members, another 5% of every purchase made by the friends of their friends. Users can also earn insider perks and achieve social status for establishing themselves as tastemakers and "experts" when they share their voice and loves with the Fanista.com community at large. It's our way of rewarding the people who help us build the community.

Fanista.com is a way for you to amplify your voice, to let others hear what you have to say, to influence the people around you…and to get something tangible in exchange for all of it. So, check it out. Sign up. Bring your friends. Earn some cash. Get other perks. Change the world -- or at least help us try to pioneer a new model!

When the music industry continues to report double-digit loses, why would anyone venture into a shrinking market? If this site we a source hub for downloads, then it may make more sense. Otherwise, it's like trying to market concentrated laundry soap at twice the price. Doh!


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