10 Killer Ways to Promote Your New MLM Program

Ezine Articles:
"You just joined this wonderful new MLM and you're rearing to go! Then you think... go where and how?? Here are 10 ways to promote your MLM that'll get you started on the way to your first recruits 1. Free classifieds - Though not as great as they once were, if your MLM program is free to join you will get some takers. The trick is to keep posting often and keep your ad up there. 2. Ezine Ads - These are cost effective and very targeted so you don't waste your advertising dollars. Use classified ads if you have a small budget and don't place any ads in ezines you haven't read."


Anonymous Diane Voisley said...

I'd also like to add that educating yourself in marketing is essential to building your biz. After hearing that some Melaleuca reps were having trouble building their leads in the wellness company, I began blogging about various ways to do so at MLM Breakthrough
. It's well worth looking into!

December 03, 2007  

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