Hogwarts School of Advanced MLM Training?

I was browsing Michael Lemm's blog and found this post. This caught my attention because I have 4 children that can recite every word from any of the Harry Potter movies and/or books. (If only Harry was shown cleaning his room every once and a while.)

Best MLM Resources -
I had this sent to me in an email....no idea who the original author is. Whoever it is has quite the creative talent. Read on for a real treat.....and a fun learning experience.

Network Marketing and Harry Potter

Have you ever thought about the similarities between Harry Potter and Network Marketing? I know it may seem a bit strange but here are some ideas:

1. Some people simply aren't able to make it in network marketing. Just like some of Harry's friends and acquaintances struggle to be successful wizards, some people for one reason or another don't seem to have what it takes to succeed.

Nice post Michael. Go Blue!


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