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With some reluctance, I have loaded one of the "new" blogger templates. Wanting to be able to capitalize on the expanded features, I will be re-tooling the look and feel of the page. I have also had a growing sense of more personal and professional change lately.

Since my heart surgery in February and my subsequent rehabilitation, I have experienced the profoundly unique opportunity to assess my achievements and current life course. I hope to share some of this here.

Update: I have been working on restoring some old posts that I had lost in my archives some time ago. I dig having the tag feature as well and will make them available soon.

One of my best friends called me tonight to ask what was going on with MLM Today. We talked about how we started in the business and how our pages have developed over the years. It reminded me how important it is to remember where you came from and what you overcame as you move toward to desired destinations. Thanks for the words of encouragement and support.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey dave, like your new blogsite its much better. keep up the good work.
johnny vinson..

September 17, 2007  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

Thanks for stopping by Johnny.

This is a template I used when I first started blogging. One of many variations for any that have continued to read my stuff. I am not entirely certain that this template will stay though. Once again, I am considering self-hosting in the near future (I hope).

Thanks for the feedback.

September 18, 2007  
Blogger the$300000challenge said...

Very good blog, very informative.

Thank you

September 19, 2007  

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