Shame On You

From the Alticor Media Blog -
We terminated Orrin Woodward yesterday, along with several other leaders of his field organization, named Team. We’ll post our formal statement when it’s ready. Informally, here’s the story:

We terminated Orrin Woodward for philosophical reasons. We did it for legal reasons.

But the main reason we did it is because the way Orrin Woodward ran his organization was a disgrace to every person who’s ever tried to build a Quixtar or Amway business the right way.

Stunning?! Shocking?! Yeah, right.

Read the post.

Here's a line that really stands out.
...Orrin Woodward was a poster child for a long list of bad business practices that our critics hate about our company...

And yet. Orrin was selected to join the vaunted IBOAI Board just a couple of years ago. The way this statement reads suggests that perhaps Orrin Woodward was the black sheep of the family. The red-headed stepchild.....

Read the post.

I know several people that were once part of Team / Team of Destiny. Woodward and other leaders within the organization have been explaining the Quixtar relationship as one of "supplier".

This was a long time coming and sadly, long overdue. Anyone remember the Dateline story about Quixtar? Any remember how the "Corporation" responded. Anyone remember how Woodward himself responded?



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