How to understand an MLM compensation plan

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"Understanding an MLM compensation plan is all in the way they pay. Here is how to understand each companies MLM compensation plan.

The money that a person makes after they have invested money and time into an MLM is called the compensation. This is usually set on a commission base. You will need to start seeing a turn around in your investment within a week or so time. If a company does not have a faster return, then you may want to look further into other companies that will have a faster compensation turn around.

When you are considering the different MLM compensation plans, you will then need to know which ways you will gain from this MLM Company. Here are the areas that you can expect to make a profit or benefit from the compensations available."


Anonymous Tracy Mullins said...

Good post Dave. One other thing to evaluate is if the company has a fast-start bonus. These can accelerate the commission payouts. You get paid an immediate (usually weekly) check for their first purchase and then get the product commssion with the monthly payout. This can really help get your cash flow coming in faster.

May 18, 2007  
Blogger masterdan said...

good one.
I wrote about the subject in my blog

August 23, 2007  

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