Network Marketing Tips For An Internet Home Based Business

American Chronicle:
"There are a few network marketing tips that you could follow to make sure that your network marketing internet home based business is as successful as it could be. First you will want to pick your network marketing internet home based business opportunities from a reputable list from very reliable sources. After you have your list, you will want to enroll in at least two or three of the network marketing internet home based business opportunities. Since there is no guarantee that any opportunity will not go out of business, it is important to not put all of your eggs in one basket. There is some truth to the saying that there is safety in numbers."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

I tried to find an email for you and couldn't. I'd sent you a Ryze PM awhile ago but it must not have gotten thruough. So....I had to resort to reaching through your blog comment tool. Soorry about the inconvenince.

I thought you might be interested in this ebook from my friend Ann Seig...so I'm sharing the info with you. I might be taking a chance here.... but as very few know about this I didn't want you to find out too late to take
advantage of it.

Just a heads up when you read it....chapter 9 REALLY caught my attention. Plus....most of what is discussed is exactly what I've been saying and sharing for years on my blog and elsewhere (like Ryze and MLM.com) .... methods for generating your own leads for example.

Anyway........here's the link to the pdf:


Use this to get into it (but don't share this with anyone):

ID: FreedomFire
Password: wolverine

BTW, if this interests you at all I can set you up before we release it (around June 5) as a reseller....no cost to you. In other words you don't
need to pay for the book...... which comes with resale rights.

Please keep in mind that the copy I am attaching and sending is just basic text and not the final proofread copy. There will also be graphics added in before launch.

This is still prelaunch, so you are getting a great sneak peek of what the rest of the industry is soon going to be buzzing about.

The Renegade Netw*rk Marketer is a content rich ebook that is geared
towards helping people understand what steps they need to take to be
successful in this industry. It consists of strategies and techniques that the heavy hitters use, but don't reveal.

I know the most important thing to you is the relationship with your
readers. This ebook is going to make your readers appreciate you even more because they will have tools to help them move toward success and independence.

It will give many of them the knowledge that is in bits and pieces here and there, but it puts it together in a way that they can understand and apply it. Best of all, if they choose to take advantage of the back office tools
(Read Chapter 9) they will have resources and the ability to generate inc*me that will put them on a fast track.

Alright, now to the really good stuff, what's in it for you? The Affiliate commission structure is two tier. For each ebook that you sell, you will be paid a 50% commission. The second tier pays out at 10%. A split test is going to be taking place in a couple of weeks that will determine what the
final price is for the ebook. The two price points being tested are $39.00 and $47.00. If you run numbers based on even very conservative conversion rates you can see that there is a ubstantial amount of money in this for you.

What is even better though is that as an Affiliate, you will have lifetime visitor value with this system. Ann Seig will be continuously adding new resources and products to the back office. As those that bought the ebook
from you make additional purchases over time, you will continue to get paid c*mmission on those additional purchases. This allows for continued growth of residual inc*me.

We expect outstanding conversion rates. The Sales letter , which will be provided, was written by world-class copywriter and conversion rate expert, Eric Graham (The Conversion Doctor). Michel Fortin and Gary Halbert are his personal mentors. Like these gentlemen or not, you can't argue with their results. Eric is committed to ongoing testing on the back end to ensure the highest conversion rates in all of the copy that is used.

Eric has also created prewritten emails for you to send to your readers. This is going to be extremely easy for you to promote. If you wanted to,
you could just cut, paste and hit send. The point is for this to be an easy process for you that delivers results for everyone involved.

Plus, with a list the size of yours, you set to make a very nice profit right away at the launch (which is now set for June 5th).

I would really like to have you as a pre-launch partner so you can continue to bring your readers quality information and resources.

Please reply back with any questions. If you would like to offer the ebook to your list at the launch, I can send you everything to get you set up in
our system directly from your pc.

Enjoy the book, and let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend my friend.

God Bless,
Michael Lemm
FreedomFire Communications
melemm at cognisurf dot com

May 12, 2007  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree about not putting yopur eggs all in one bastket , yet at the same time it's not good to have so many business's that your spread out to thin everywhere. A good balanced is what is needed.
Thanks JD Meyers

October 24, 2008  
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Good job.


June 10, 2009  
Blogger Sandeep said...

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July 04, 2009  
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