MLM: An Inconvenient Truth

Well, this may ruffle a few feathers.

Not everyone who starts a business in MLM will succeed. Contrary to all the claims about "no selling" or "we'll do the work" or any of the too good to be true pitch lines, the fact is there is only about a 15% success rate. Now this number does not take into account those that sign up with a company for the sole purpose of buying the product or service at a reduced price.

Despite the efforts of those in the industry that are trying to transform it or get you to join the new school of thought about MLM, the numbers have not yet changed in any significant way. It's not their fault and I certainly applaud the effort. I think. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and believe the efforts are more than simply "marketing" to a new generation of potential business owners.

I do not believe that we will see a higher success rate for the average person joining an MLM. I wish I could state otherwise but I think it takes an above average person to do this business or any other non-traditional enterprise.

The employee and secure paycheck mentality in many people will not permit them the vision to see long term. Most people do not have the "whatever it takes" goal seeking mechanism to pursue their dreams aggressively.

Also contrary to the views of many MLM critics, I do not accept that the industry has the duty to correct the failure rate any more than any other industry. Success in other occupations also tends to follow the same pattern, one look at income statistics in the U.S. would show this as evident.

The fact is that the opportunities are available for those that wish to pursue them. If you are willing to work hard, your chance for success is greatly improved. If you take the time and energy to educate yourself about your business, you chance for success is greatly improved. If you consistently apply your newly developed skills, your chance for success is greatly improved. If you are not willing to do these things, there are no guaranteed "systems" that can help you. Please quit now.


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