Zrii - Now in pre-launch

Webwire -
Xango reps are jumping ship to a brand new networkmarketing company called Zrii.

Xango is a company that broke records just a fewyears ago. They did millions of dollars in salesand generated a lot revenue for their distributors.

The product that Xango has produced spread like wildfire accross the Internet.

It still is one of the most profitable network marketing companies in the world.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Pre-Launch"??!!!??? This is a tactic used by some Network Marketing Companies to pull in volume to a new company. They stay in this officially "unofficial" status until they have enough distributors to open for business. Then they site their sales volume as the cumulative build up of the pre-launch time period. This can grossly skew actual numbers. For those seasoned in the industry, this should be a huge red flag. Incidentally, XanGo DID NOT have a pre-launch and I would love to see the claim that Xrii is the fastest growing privately held company in America backed up.
It's interesting that this company chose to name their company with a made up word starting with an "X". Kinda like...XanGo? Sounds like your telling their story.

November 09, 2007  
Anonymous dave said...

Xango distributors

Don't jump ship to Xrii.

It's not about joining start up companies that make you successful - it's about building strong businesses with established companies.
The opportunity with Xango is still in it's infancy.
Remember it's not about high antioxidant levels - it's about Xanthones.
Let the consumer decide which product works or not - Xango has the science - other companies are trying to copy and they will all fail.

December 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zrii is with a Z, not an X.

Yes, "pre-launch" is was way to skew numbers.

For anyone who thinks that anyone of these drinks have real health benefits: "YOU ARE AN IDIOT"


February 19, 2008  
Anonymous Chris @ MLM Spot said...

Well, MLM prelaunch is a marketing and business tactic employed by many companies that start business today in the network marketing industry. Usually they want to test their systems and sign up an adequate number of new distributors so they can turn profitable fast. That doesn't make it good or bad. Each company should be examined alone. There are risks and rewards as everywhere else in business and you have to make proper evaluation before you take the decision to join one

October 03, 2008  

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