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"Direct-marketing firm Quixtar Inc., a sister company of Amway Corp., has sued 30 people who anonymously posted what it considers disparaging remarks about Quixtar in blogs and online forums and in YouTube.com videos. In the lawsuit filed this past week in Ottawa County Circuit Court, Quixtar seeks an injunction and damages of more than $25,000 against the posters, identified only as John Does. Quixtar believes the videos and other postings are part of an organized effort by former distributors who unsuccessfully sued Alticor and are under court order not to disparage the company or disclose proprietary information, according to the lawsuit. In one video the lawsuit cites, a man wearing a shirt that says 'Property of Quixtar' rants about the company. In another, a man points out products at a grocery store priced much lower than comparable Quixtar products."

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Check out the Alticor Media Blog for additional dirt on this story -
Yes, we did.

We filed suit this week in Ottawa County, Michigan seeking to learn more about a number of “John Does” who have cropped up online since our dispute with Orrin Woodward and TEAM began.

Because we believe we can prove that some of their sites and posts were engineered or directed by Woodward, TEAM, their lawyers or their PR agency. And that those sites were purposely used to post material that violates a court order.

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Now that the shoe is most certainly on the other foot, Quixtar finds themselves on the receiving end of the subterfuge known as Orrin Woodward. I am convinced that Quixtar laughed with utter delight while the Team developed Quixtar Qrush was encouraged to do their dirty work. As far as Quixtar is concerned, the chickens have come home to roost. Woodward and his ilk will eventually get what they have long deserved. The saddest part is that both are guilty of the same fundamental deception and have successfully perpetuated the stereotype about network marketing.

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