Note To Disgruntled Quixtar Team IBO's

I hate to admit it but I have been reading with some degree of amusement at the dozen or so websites taking issue with the removal of one of Quixtar's most over-hyped "leaders".

These sites are just so Orrin. For anyone who has read any of his "work", there is a defined tendency to compare his "mission" to key people or events in recorded history. Take a look at any one of these "independent" pages and they act as if there is moral equivalency with the American Independence or the American Civil War. Give me a break.

Look. You don't like the rules of the game at Quixtar?

It's not jail. You can always leave.

Now, Orrin on the other hand may not have the same option someday soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Over the last +/- ten years Orrin, Chris and Tim have used Quixtar as a vehicle to become multi-millionares.

Quixtar has provided them with the means to live like kings. Now Quixtar is evil and they can't get away fast enough.

When Quixtar began to crack down on their ability to sell their BSM's and announced the name change back to Amway
they saw their tool money evapoating and their life style dissapearing.

Their "business" has always been based on deception and a business based on deception can't go on forever.

They have fooled enough people, however, to be able to continue their extravagant life style at the expense of thousands of "bag holders" who will never acheive their level though they are convinced that they will be able to retire in "three to five years".

It's so sad.

November 07, 2007  
Blogger balakter said...

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November 18, 2007  

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