Discipline and Internet MLM

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"If there is one and only one ingredient to guarantee your success in Internet MLM, I would say it is discipline. Discipline that I am about to define here is the discipline towards ourselves; commitment that we gave to ourselves; high standard that we set for ourselves.

Discipline is a bridge between our thought and accomplishment to our success in Internet MLM. Discipline is the glue that binds inspiration to achievement. They are the foundation on which all success is built. Failure is lead by lack of discipline.

95% of internet marketer fails because they failed to follow their plan. They do not have discipline towards themselves. If your plan was to write 4 articles this week and you only write 1, you are behind by 3 articles- today. If your plan was to post 3 post each in 3 different forums and you post only 1, you are behind by 8 posts- today. If you accumulate all these one day, it will make a difference over a period of time."


Anonymous Diane Voisley said...

Marketers should treat their mlm business as a business. Setting goals and educating yourself in sound, proven marketing stategies will generate qualified leads as well. I talk about more tips on MLM Breakthrough and would be happy to answer any questions.

Thank you,

December 13, 2007  

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