4 Essential Network Marketing Training Principles

By: Wil Chirinos
One of the old techniques on how an MLM works is to have distributors draft a list of targeted prospects from their warm market.

Now that you've run out of your warm market, how do you build an MLM business beyond your friends and relatives?

The problem with this Network Marketing Training Principle is two fold:

1. People might not have the need or the desire to consume the products you're marketing or just are not interested in the so called " opportunity" to generate an additional income.

2. If this is the second, third, or even fourth time around you talk to your warm market about another one of your "business ventures", they have grown immune to your pitch.
Warm market marketing is the hardest market there is. As long as you are not making tons of money, expecting to build a business talking to your friends and family will lead to failure unless you learn how to break out of your limited circle of friends and family and find other prospects for your business.

Your warm market list alone is not going to help you build a residual income business in the long run.

So how should you grow your business?

Go back to marketing principles.

Here are four steps that you would need to master to be able to advance your MLM business beyond the prospecting barrier of your warm market.

1. You must learn to target your market for your products.
Position your products or services in the market place. Define your target market, what are the benefits of consuming your products, what value they bring to an individual. Once you answer these questions, you will be able to identify your potential customer base.

2. You need to deliver the right message to that targeted sector of the market. The "right" message should be the message that solves their problems. This message is based on their own desires and needs, not based on the fact that you would like to make another buck when they purchase your products.

3. You need to facilitate the purchase by basing it on what is the best choice for the consumer, the ease of payment, shipping, follow up and support calls.

4. This prospecting message needs to be delivered to the right targeted audience at the right time based on the consumers' own time table.

These 4 essential marketing principles bring me to my point on how an mlm works:

Learning about marketing, learning how to market your products is an essential component to building a thriving business in network marketing. This is a grossly understated component in any company-sponsored MLM training.

If you were to take what's being taught in any MLM program and bring it into another field of business, for instance, retailing, those techniques would never stand a chance of surviving.

Can you imagine Coca Cola having its employees draft a list of its employees' warm market to sell its products to?

A good upline leader who has spent any time studying marketing principles should be able to tell his downline members:

· How /where to find leads for your products/services for not more than 20 cents per lead as opposed to $5, $10, or even $20 for so-called opportunity seekers leads.

· What to say to a lead once you find that prospect based on his needs.

· How to facilitate the purchase for that consumer.

· How to determine if the consumer is ready to make a purchasing decision solely based on the consumer's own time table.
These basic components should be addressed as you embark to work with your mentor/sponsor in your network marketing company.

In order to break the friends and family barrier, you need to learn how to put the marketing back in network marketing. Develop the skill set of a marketer, learn how to position your products in front of a hungry consumer market that is seeking the very same products you offer.

Article Source: http://netmlmarticles.com

Wil Chirinos helps struggling distributors improve their marketing skills. Learn about his Network Marketing Training Workshop by accessing his brutally honest Report and subscribe to his newsletter.


Anonymous Vijay said...

Very good post, very informative. I would like to know more details and steps as to how i can profile my target customer, what are the essential skills and traits of a good profile. Secondly, when the prospect is profiled, how to write messages which are important to invoke interest in the prospect. please send me the links of such content if you have written any. will be a great help.
my email is vijaydalwani@gmail.com

January 17, 2008  
Blogger Roosevelt Cooper said...

While I agree with this to a certain extent, there are some points in this article that I disagree with.

Warm market is not the hardest marketing there is. In fact it's actually one of the easiest. While it's true that there are some people in your warm market that won't be interested in your products or business opportunity, it's also true that there are some people in your warm market who would be interested and in fact may be your biggest producers. My #1 and #2 top producing organization came from my warm market.

Here's the other thing that most people don't get when they trash warm marketing prospecting. It's not about YOUR individual warm market. It's all about the warm market of the distributors that sign up in your organization. Out of the top 10 distributors in my organization in terms of personal customer sales, 5 out of the 10 came from someone else on my team's warm market. 3 came from my warm market and 2 came from cold market.

That being said, warm market doesn't last forever, so it's very important that distributors learn how to prospect for their business when the warm market runs out so I absolutely agree with the general premise of this article.

I also disagree with the statement that you have to find a lead source where the leads are 20 cents a lead or less.

It is NEVER about the price of the lead source. It is ALWAYS about the return on investment for a lead source.

Would you pay $20 a lead if you were going to make a $40 per lead return after working those leads JUST from initial product sales, not counting residuals and overrides from the team that lead produces?

I know I would.

You can pay as low as 1 cent a lead and never recruit a single distributor because the lead source is not a very good one. So you cannot look at price alone to judge a good lead source or not. You must always look at return.

Roosevelt Cooper

January 23, 2008  
Blogger theberrytree said...

Spot on! Soliciting friends and family typically causes friction and sometime complete alienation, and should be avoided.

Outside marketing, like this post, is an excellent approach to gain business friends, loyalty and trust. Hopefully even business.

Thanks for sharing practical wisdom.

February 06, 2008  
Blogger Scott J. said...

I absolutely agree!! I have been reading this blog about MLM for quite a while. There is a lot of info on it. Some of it's even good. I have been in Network Marketing for 6 years and have achieved a high level of success just doing home meetings. The issue becomes, lack of warm market, like he said in the article. Sooo, about 3 years ago I started on my quest to find good, quality leads. I was sadly disappointed. So many companies, such crappy leads. Every single one. Conversion rate is about 1 out of 100. I understand treating your business like a business but that conversion rate (which was our team's best out of all the companies used) is not worth the time. I have found a company that seems to be doing something completely different and I actually think will be much, MUCH higher in conversions than the others, by FAR. We've contacted the owners and they have a lot of integrity and are on the waiting list for their leads service. Their leads are incredibly desired I guess for they way they acquire them. Anyway, we are excited to start with them in the next month. The site is www.leadsevolved.com Please post if you have any experience with them. Thanks and happy prospecting!
Scott J.

March 18, 2008  
Blogger castinoronaldo said...

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March 04, 2010  

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