Your Vision and The Company Culture

I started a new blog recently to promote my involvement with Max International. Here's a snip from a post I wrote yesterday about the importance of knowing why you would consider joining a company program and why I believe it's important to base that decision, in part, on the values promoted by the company.

Your Max Impact Blog
Whether you desire to be your own boss, have financial freedom, greater control over your time, help others improve the quality of their lives, achieve better health, or .....(you fill in the blank); I have learned that all subsequent actions will be predicated on the strength of the vision you hold - your goals - your ambitions - your desires - your WHY.

I think an important consideration into such a decision should include whether the culture of the company you may partner with aligns with the vision you hold of your own success. Corporate leadership, founding principles, product strength and security, field leadership, company mission and ethics statements, fairness and potential profitability of the comp plan are several areas I believe should be evaluated before you deliver your dreams and goals for their stewardship.


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