Greener Pastures

I was listening to a seminar recently that featured Jeffrey Gitomer. In his presentation, he shared a concept about quitting one's enterprise too early. I think his example has a lot of merit and I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to post about it here. Thanks Jeffrey.

Below is a picture of what is probably the most well-known rock and roll band in the history of contemporary music.

John, Paul, George, and the gentleman pictured second from the left, Ringo Starr. Collectively, we also know these guys as The Beatles. Does anyone not know who The Beatles were? The Beatles left an indelible imprint on the world and influenced the cultures of many nations on the planet.

This next picture is a picture of The Beatles too.

John, Paul, George, and ....?
That doesn't look like Ringo? The gentleman, first from left, is Pete Best. Pete Best was the original drummer for The Beatles. Pete Best quit The Beatles approximately two weeks before the band set out for their first international tour. The reason he left The Beatles? He found a better job.
This decision may have cost him as much as $2 billion dollars!

Moral of this story -
Give yourself enough time to achieve your success. Pursuing what appears to be "greener pastures" may not have the long term benefits you see in the short term advantages.

Work harder to be YOUR best, not Pete Best.


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