Recruitment Blog Networking for Passive Candidates - Dave Mendoza:
"The silent revolution I am agitating to announce is awaiting it’s promotional debut to our fellow peers: It’s called NANOTECHNOLOGY.You may have heard Agent Fox Mulder allude to this technology in X-Files, or Captain Picard in Star Tek: Next Generation, but the future is in the here and now.

Imagine an atomically precise fabrication process of a multiprocessor laptop computer with a billion times more processing power than today’s best. Imagine 100 hour battery life not to mention enhanced semiconductor properties. Imagine a manufacturing system where the only waste products are warm air and pure. Welcome to the byproduct of nanotechnology.

Look up nanotechnology on Wikipedia, bookmark relevant sites accordingly and familiarize yourself with nano terminologies, or better yet, introduce yourself to a nano-based sensor chip engineervia Linkedin, OpenBC, Spoke, (etc) or visit niche blogs and technical forums to seek and identify and develop a relationship. Ask your new Nano friend whether you could schedule a time to chat to access his/her expertise … by whatever manifestation, simply inquire further about the future, the talent base it requires, and develop a strategy to confront it and source research with context."

Nanotechnology in MLM


Blogger Ty Tribble said...

Interesting article...

I know that you know that Ageless Essentials from Univera LifeSciences is made possible through Nanotechnology, but I wonder if you know what Amazon.com CEO recently said about Nanotechnology and Biotech...

"If I were just setting out today to make that drive to the West Coast to start a new business, I would be looking at biotechnology and nanotechnology."

- Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon.com

September 10, 2006  

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