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I am nearly certain that my mentors, advisors, and friends would advise me not to write this post but .... I am compelled to offer some definition for my reasons to continuing to write MLM Today.

Some may see this as a disclaimer in some respects. That's fine I suppose, just allow me to state that it is not intended to be. This post may result in my site being removed from other blogs link lists and that's fine too. I don't write what I write to be included on anyone's blogroll anyway.

If someone sees value in what I write, value in the thoughts and opinions I share, and the experience I can translate into written form; they will determine whether it is worth inclusion on their site. I have made such determinations of those site that I currently include in my link lists and will continue to evaluate the worth for my potential readers as I see necessary. I do not necessarily agree with the agenda or premises of the authors of these sites but believe there may be valuable contributions to be acquired for the reader.

This same holds true for my decision to post articles from other blogs and various article databases. I present these links so the reader may get a variety of opinions and insights. Just because I include these articles should not be construed as my tacit approval or support of that authors viewpoint or philosophy. I believe there are great articles written by idiots. I am an idiot and I occasionally write some decent stuff. I also believe there are idiots trying to capitalize on great articles to gain some level of non-idiot legitimacy. If a reader believes that is a foundation here, well, enjoy the train wreck known as MLM Today. That may speak to the fascination we seem to have with "Reality TV" in the current culture.

I write what I write in an attempt to convey an honest perspective, based on my experience and what I have learned from others, about network marketing, mlm, direct selling or whatever trendy title is being bandied about these days. I am not writing, and will not write, to fit into someone else's presentation. I do not want this site to become homogenized, watered-down, or diluted as I have seen other sites become; nor will it become the hand-maiden to promoting a new marketing campaign or slogan.

I am in the marketing game. I joined the profession to generate income. I will, from time to time, promote my activities within the companies I am affiliated. I have included links to affiliate programs that pay me for referrals as well as various other advertising that may have relevance for those involved in network marketing or other business pursuits. I gladly welcome any additional sources of revenue I can produce by these ads if they are of benefit to those that seek those services. I am a capitalist. I have now stated the obvious.

This is not a political blog hiding behind any MLM logo; nor is it a blog that promotes adherence to any theology or participation in any social causes. I haven't frequently shared my thoughts in these areas for two basic reasons.

1. I can not find relevance for those topics with the focus of this page.
2. My thoughts and beliefs in these areas should not be a concern of the reader.

Though this post may be considered as "blog suicide", I am prompted to write it from this perspective.

I am not the best at what I do. Whether in my networking business, this or any other blogs I write, being a father, husband, or friend, I offer the best I have. Some days that may not be so good and some days it's okay. I am a work in process and I try to improve daily. If I can help others in some manner I do but not at the sacrifice of my integrity and personal values. I like a straight-forward approach and try to approach others with the same. I am not a guru or expert in matters of network marketing. I'm just a guy doing his best to provide for his family and help others with similar goals do the same.


Blogger David Robison said...

Howdy Dave S.

I'm assuming there is an unwritten "back story" to this blog entry; but let me assure you I see no "blog suicide" is your self described disclaimer.

I have alway gotten the impression that you have always written on the basis of how you feel and not what others may think.

Although, I also have the impression that what you feel, is never what everyone else might think.

Keep doing what you are doing and I'll keep stopping by to read.

Here's hoping we someday still meet and maybe share a beer "on the road."


September 10, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

Dave R,

Thanks for your observations. I appreciate that you stop by and read my mutterings from time to time. Looking forward to that beer.


September 10, 2006  
Blogger Ty Tribble said...

Blogging doesn't have to be non-profit in order to be authentic.

September 11, 2006  
Blogger Aaron Cook said...


Keep up the good work here. It's enjoyable and certainly has a lot of value. Plus, it's completely honest.


September 16, 2006  

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