How To Get The Best From Your Leads

How To Get The Best From Your Leads
by: Don Reid

Prospects and leads are NOT going to jump into your MLM business just because you blasted them with an email ad. That used to work a few years ago but really doesn't anymore. Oh sure, you might sponsor a few people now and then that way, but they are not going to hang around for long. As soon as they don't make the big money your ad promised, they will be out, and you will be depressed and frustrated. So lets try and avoid all that.

Here's how leads really work. They do NOT work by blasting a prewritten generic email ad to. We just agreed that doesn't work right? You need to actually write an email to them. Make sure it does NOT promise easy riches, automated systems, powerlines, great products, fantastic compensation plans. None of that stuff, totally forget it! Write to your leads as though you were writing to your best friend or your mother. Ask them some nice easy questions that should perk their interest. INVITE them to respond to you if they are interested in progressing further or learning more. Simply have them reply to you. Now, I hear you saying, hardly anyone will respond and I've just spent 80 bucks on these leads. So lets say 6 respond out of 1,000 ok? So would you be upset if those 6 joined you and went on to be successful in your downline? No I don't think you would be upset. You may have already found your 6. Most MLM's to work, only need you to find 6.

So many people miss the point of buying leads. It's to find a few people that will join you and duplicate you.

It's not to find 1,000.

Whatever the number that respond positively to you, jump on the telephone and call them. Don't pressure them to go sign up, this will scare them away. Ask them some questions that will invite conversation. Get to know them and what they like, don't like, what their goals are, what they want, where they live, what its like to live there...all sorts of stuff. If you just ask questions and let them do the talking, guess what? They will form a great opinion of you. They will think you're intelligent, caring, experienced and a good listener. Before you know it, your new best friend will be begging you to get into your business. Now isn't that what you really wanted all along?

Don Reid

About The Author

Don Reid is considered one of the early innovators of business on the Internet, having profitably operated his first website in 1995.
Since 1996 he has been earning well into six figures a year, all from the Internet. Don Reid's entire business runs almost completely on auto-pilot.
Don is making available resources for anyone to build their own Internet business.
Don says "You don't need a lot of money or a lot of time to build multiple streams of automatic Internet income, but you do need the right information."
Don currently runs his worldwide company out of his home office at Brisbane Australia


Anonymous Ty Tribble - MultiLeveler said...

I was never a huge fan of buying leads until I found a company that would forwardly explain how they get their leads.

Once you find a good leads company to work with, the leads become invaluable to the busy networker.

September 08, 2006  

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