Why So Many Don't Succeed in Network Marketing: It's Too Easy

What?! Someone is probably saying "If it is so easy, why am I struggling?". Perhaps there is someone else wiping the cereal off their monitor from laughing while reading this.

While listening to a Jim Rohn tape earlier today, I heard something that got me thinking about why so many people have such a hard time with their networking business.

The things we need to do to be successful in this business, or any other undertaking, are fundamentally simple. The process of changing some of our habits, our behaviors, may be more difficult for many of us. Shaking the beliefs we hold about ourselves is likely harder still. Or ....

We can do little to change the external forces that surround us. We can only change ourselves and the way that we react to those same outer influences.

- We cannot change the number of people that are not interested in our products or program.
- We cannot change the attitude that some people have about Network Marketing.
- We cannot change the inherent rudeness that some people possess when we call them with information that they requested.
- We cannot change that our sponsor doesn't call us enough to give us a "shoulder rub" when we are feeling discouraged.
- We cannot change the fact that the premium priced leads we just bought were a collection of people looking for a lottery ticket, not a serious business opportunity.

We can change how we respond to all these situations however.

We can help ourselves tremendously if we can stop trying to seek complex solutions to what are simple challenges. The things we should be doing to see our business flourish are EASY to do. The problem is they are also easy NOT to do.

Picking up the phone to call a prospect is easy to do.
(Lift the receiver, dial the numbers, wait for an answer, say Hello. Easy.)

Calling a prospect is easy not to do.
(Do I have the right script? Will I be able to answer their objections? Am I calling too late at night? Too early in the day? Will I stutter? I hope I don't sound too nervous. What if they ask me a question that I can't answer?.....and on...and on... until we are convinced that it wouldn't be a good day to call. Instead, we retreat back to some training information we bought from a guru with the latest insight guaranteed to "explode" our business. Easy.)

I have heard that our self-esteem rests upon all ability to keep our commitments. What about the commitments to ourselves? If we are willing to negotiate the easy tasks and not follow through, what effect does that have on our view of ourselves and our effectiveness. Over time, can you imagine how insurmountable the barrier would be that we create for ourselves? All because we allow ourselves to see this process as too difficult.

Here's something easy we can do to help solve this problem....

Get off the couch! That was easy.


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