Quixtar Blog: Amway: We're Your Neighbors

Quixtar Blog: Amway: We're Your Neighbors:
"Nope, it's not as catchy of a phrase as 'the pause that refreshes' or as direct as '15 minutes could save you hundreds on auto insurance', but it is the slogan used in an Amway television commercial.

A commercial that didn't air on some late night Andy Griffith re-run on a WB affiliate; but it did air during major televised NFL football games.

The commercial featured the standard 'heartland' instrumental score, with shots of Amway distributors(actors)working in their daily jobs. I specifically remember the farmer on his tractor in the field. And the voice-over was something like 'What kind of people are Amway distributors?'(paraphrased from memory) and it ended with a distributor and a kid sitting somewhere peaceful and serene(maybe it was the farmer) and then 'Amway' would appear on the screen with the voice-over saying Amway...We're Your Neighbors'"


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