MLM Today » Blog Archive » Time Spent Talking To MLM Prospects

MLM Today » Blog Archive » Time Spent Talking To MLM Prospects:
"I love a short presentation. It tells the prospect that they don’t have to learn a long speel and that they don’t have to be a doctor to explain the products. For example, you may just refer them to your website and have them go through automated follow-ups. The prospect then knows that if he or she joins they have only to refer prospects to a website that does the selling for him.

Some MLMers who love the phone and an answering machine call 100 prospects a day, day in day out. You can be assured that their presentation is short.

A great one hour presentation tells a prospect that they will have to give a great one hour presentation to do what you are doing. Is this what you want?"

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_Brymer


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