Well, that didn't take long

As I suggested a few days ago, the blogger stooge known as Qrush has renamed his page.
I wonder how many days will pass before Qrap will post about Janssen or change the title of his blog again.

Thanks for reading, Rich.


Blogger JBNET said...

This may not be directly related to the current post but I wanted to ask if any other Diamonds are doing the same thing..

I was told the other night by an "active" Quixtar rep that the Tim Kline orginazation now has it's own tools and training system.

He said they were trying to avoid all the "Bears of the industry"??

He also told me he finally watched the Dateline show featuring Bo Short forma year or so back. He didn't act like it impressed him one way or the other as he stated Bo Short probabaly started the whole thing...LOL.

Oh well, what ever. That's why I just stay away from it all and sell my phones when I can..;O)

Happy Selling everyone...Hey Dave give me a call sometime!

Jeff B.

Let's Get Wireless @

March 15, 2006  

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