Passport - Gifts That Keep On Giving

It may well serve as an example of how "doing the right thing" truly makes a difference and impacts one's environment. Consider the impact that Passport had on the industry in just five years.

Passport introduced a radical departure from the "business as usual" approach in nearly all MLMs. One that embraced a "product first" business model with truly affordable products as the centerpiece for effective marketing for it's associates. Since then, a growing number of companies are re-tooling their business model with a similar mindshift.

Passport eliminated the profit centers generated with the standard "books, tapes, and seminars" by being among the first to offer non-disruptive training and presentation models via teleconferences and online chat environments. Look around the industry and you'll notice that all but the dinosaurs of the industry have integrated similar practices in their associate support programs.

Passport, it has been suggested, was instrumental in influencing some companies to adopt new policies to either become more effective marketers or maintain exclusive IBO (Independent Business Owner) relationships.

Passport, it was also rumored, to be the power behind the various "anti-Quixtar" weblogs and websites. So much so that it was being reported that a few prominent site owners were compensated to do so. This belief eventually lead otherwise semi-rational people to take a "scorched earth" approach by funding the "anti-Quixtar Critic - anti-Christ" laughingly referred to as Qrunch, Qrack or some such nonsense. (Some believe that this character was actually created by Passport to use negative press for brand awareness.)

Passport apparently possesses a power greater than even I believed as there has been suggested a causal link leading to the upcoming name change of Oasis LifeSciences to Univera LifeSciences.

There's really no telling what else may be looming on the horizon. The extent of Passport's reach appears far indeed. More to come.

Dance monkey, dance.


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