Sports brought to you by Quixtar®?

Gaining position on the various search engines is certainly the desire of anyone with a blog or website. Establishing name recognition, particularly, in marketing your business interests is probably the single main objective.

Street cred on the information super highway.

Columbo DiSalvatore appears to be the chosen one of the Quixtar® prestigious IBOA. Apparently, DiSalvatore has a nose for news....especially sports news. What better way to parlay one's love for sports into a struggling successful business enterprise? Of course, produce a copywritten sports news link page sourced from USA Today and incorporating your own name into the post title.... genius, pure and simple genius. Web strategies always gives me tingles.

Columbo has been dropping his name on a couple of other sites as well recently. One where he reviews favorite quotes from John Maxwell and Robert Kyosaki. I think there was one about his favorite campfire sing-a-long songs.



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