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Over the past month or so I've been hearing rumblings through the Quixtar grapevine that the corporation was preparing to change its long-standing retail rules. The proposed change will allow Quixtar IBOs who also own a service oriented business to sell Quixtar products within that business. I received a copy of an email, allegedly from Quixtar Diamond Terry Taylor, that seems to confirm this change.

From: Terry Taylor
Sent: Friday, February 10, 2006
Subject: March 1?

Big News!

Proposed for March 1 is a new rule from Quixtar that any SERVICE ORIENTED business such as Hair salon, sports facility, etc... (not retail oriented) will be able to offer Quixtar products related to their business for sale.

For example: Hair salon can offer hair care products and skin care products that relate to their service that they offer. The owner of the business must be an IBO. So.... any service oriented business with regard to health, beauty, nutrition, and sports should be contacted to offer our products. More.

Imagine that. Selling hair and skin care products through service establishments like hair and nail salons! Sounds like another company I know. :)



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