MLM Today - Acronym Of the Week

This week offers an acronym that has multiple related interpretation.

B. S.

Looks familiar doesn't it? You have probably used it 3 or 4 times today alone, more than likely in the common application. To the average person, it stands for BULL S#@T. But, to the seasoned professional it can mean much more, though admittedly not as easily to work into casual conversation.

B. S. can also stand for Belief System. This refers fundamentally to a person's comfort zone. Our business activity typically extends only to the range of those things we believe about our company, our product, our comp plans, and ourselves.

B. S. can also mean Buy Something. This is most commonly uttered by marketers who are frustrated in selling over-priced goods and usually concludes with an emphatic PLEASE.

Lastly, B. S. is applied for those actively sharing their program as a Business Solution for people seeking results. These results may be obtained by use of the goods or services and/or through the income potential of the business model.


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