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"Net" nuggets- Marketing in the new Millenium.:
"There has been much discussion recently on the MLM and Home-Based business forums about 'leads'. Of course it is a topic that comes up over and over.

'Leads' are the lifeblood of our business. A 'lead' is a loose term to describe someone who may be interested in your product or service.

Of course you can generate your own leads both in the physical world via classified ads, radio ads, flyers, face to face networking, or you can generate leads in the virtual world via google ad-words, search engine optimization or internet marketing via splash pages or 'lead capture' pages."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only one business in ten survive ten years. To make any business succed one must put time and money into it. In a conventional business the owners(stock holders) put up the money. The employees but in the time. If, for instance, one worked at the local WalMart, he/she would be paid for the amount of hours worked. An employee would earn twice as much working thirty hours a week as opposed to fifteen hours a week.

The same is true with an MLM business owner. If one gets affiliated with a company that has paid for the intrastructure, then it the IBO that must put in the time. All of the big wheels that own an MLM business that are making the big bucks tell newcommers that they had to educate themselves by reading positive/motivational/business educational books. They had to be inspired to move on with their business by going to seminars and listening to CD's. But most inportant they tell newcomers they had to show their business to new prospects at least five times a week.

At Walmart, if you do not do what your boss tells you to do you get fired.(No paycheck) With any MLM, if you do not do what your leaders tell you to do, you fail.(No bonus check)

So for all you critics until have read the books that have been suggested to you, until you have listened to the CD's that you were told to listen to, until you have attended the seminars you were told to attend, and until you have shown your business to new prospects at least five times a week---quit critisizing those who have.

March 12, 2006  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

You are assuming quite a bit with your comment.
What do you say to the person that spends (invests) their money into an educational/motivation system, follows their leders instructions, and still fails to achieve meaningful positive results?
Not only did I experience this but there are thousands of others that tried to be "students of the business" and eventually quit out of frustration and/or bankruptcy.
What the business needs is far more independent thinkers and far fewer lemmings.
In Network Marketing, what we get paid for is results.
If the training system does not permit people to acquire the skills necessary to implement specific activities to create the results needed to be profitable, what value can be derived from the cost?
As for the critics; for me the issue about training that has become the real profit center for the company and the lack of honesty in disclosing the real income potential/performance by those that claim themselves to be the leaders. When 80-85% of the leaders income is generated from the "education/motivation" system, these same people attempt to portray the comp plan as the major source of the income. No matter how you spin it, that's deceptive and completely unethical. What then qualifies these people to retain the mantle of leadership?

March 12, 2006  

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