Marketing Terms

I found an interesting site recently called Emergence Marketing. At this site, they have put together a list of various marketing categories and definitions. Here's a partial list from this site.
Marketing Categories
Buzz marketing
A different term for word of mouth marketing - I cannot really tell the difference. There is a book published on it (here).

Evangelism marketing
I guess that term was coined a long time ago when Guy Kawasaki released his books on evangelism marketing at Apple. Considering the amount of recent books and seminars on the subject, I guess this term still has some equity in it. The way I understand it, it goes beyond word of mouth marketing in the sense that it also has customer evangelists within the company.

Influencer marketing
Influencer marketing is very similar to word of mouth marketing except that you specifically focus on influencers to "retell" your story. Mark Manual has an interesting post on that one.

Network marketing
According to Network Marketing for dummies, network marketing is a system for distributing goods and services through networks of thousands of independent salespeople, or distributors.

Parasite marketing
Not a pretty term - it can be highly effective. Parasite marketing is when a company attaches itself to another company's marketing effort to sell their (mostly complementary) products.

Viral marketing (and viral ads)
Viral and buzz marketing involve the customer retelling the story - much like word of mouth marketing. Nevertheless, they have their own industry association.

Word of mouth marketing
Word of mouth marketing has its own industry association. They call it the art and science of amplifying genuine consumer enthusiasm. It also has a tag on Technorati at this point.

WOW Marketing
Always focused on getting people Wow'd

Note: Can you imagine an organization that teaches an Ambush Marketing approach (read "curiosity") as part of an eight-step pattern, being upset when people come forward to share their experience while in that company? Congratulations Jody, your team has developed a new marketing category - Assassin Marketing.


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