Of Value In An Opportunity

There are many networking companies in the marketplace and the entry points for each is varied. Some companies offer a $0 cost enrollment and at the other end of the spectrum, you can pay $3000 and more. Does this mean there is more value to be gained from the more expensive enrollment? Not necessarily.

The lower cost enrollments typically include a bare minimum of business materials and other support items. Higher dollar investments, more often, include an extensive supply of products and/or samples of products, website configurations, and perhaps supplemental training programs. Who will be more likely to experience success of the examples here?

Many companies now offer multiple entry points into their program, a practice that has actually been in place for many years. Even within these companies, do new associates fare better within the compensation plan based on their chosen entry investment? In my experience, the answer is no.

The individual associate levies value, in any opportunity. What do you bring to the equation? If you enroll in a program, whether at $0 or $39 or $1200, and do not apply yourself to YOUR own success, can you honestly lay any fault upon the program?

Network Marketing has hundreds, probably thousands, of stories of people achieving their desired level of success in their enterprise. Certainly, critics of the MLM business model will answer that there are many thousands more that are not successful. This is true.

My point here is that has little to do with the cost of entry and where the value lies in ANY opportunity, regardless of whether an MLM or other traditional business structures.

Within legally established and ethically managed networking companies, the success of the distributor is predicated upon their activity, their goals, and their effort. No matter the price of any enrollment, these attribute are not included with whatever the kit contains.


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