Mark Yarnell's New Report

Via MLM Blog
Best Selling author, Mark Yarnell announces that his first publication in a new six part series of reports called the Millionaire Master Plan will be distributed free to the public via the Internet.

Yarnell reports that the Internet is the best way to accomplish this mission. “Many people are losing their jobs and pensions and are forced to find alternative ways to make a living for their family while others are looking for ways to bring a second income home. Network Marketing remains the most viable form of business available to the masses. To ensure as many people as possible succeed in this new world order regardless of the Network Marketing company they choose, it is vital they get off to the right start and we intend to help them.”

Mark Yarnell has been a prominent figure in Network Marketing for many years. His book, Your First Year in Network Marketing, co-authored by then-wife Rene, was one of the first books I read when I decided upon a course of "self-education" about MLM as a viable alternative to the standard "insider" training offered by Amway and Quixtar.


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