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Here are a few recent headlines about various MLM interests:
MLM Gurus to shift their core management team to GlobalWon.
(I-Newswire) - MISSOULA, MT ( December, 7, 2005 ) - Inetekk.com, Inc. President Mike Darling ( co-founder and chief developer of the Veretekk Automated Marketing SystemTM ) announced today that along with Thomas Prendergast ( CEO, Inetekk.com ) the creators of Veretekk have made a strategic business decision to halt the growth of their management team in promoting XELR8 TinCanCash in favor of the GlobalWon business opportunity - set to launch Friday, 12/9 at 9am PST.More...

Pamil Visions has recently launched a new website: Alena Cosmetics.
Nenad Miljkovic founded System Hemel International in 1991, a MLM business. This company manufactures and distributes, through a network of collaborators, natural cosmetic products. The main ingredients are honey, beeswax, vegetal oils, and natural vitamins. No chemical conserving compounds are used in the manufacturing process. Pure nature for a healthy living.

Alena Hajko approaches the MLM for the first time and her success is already measurable. She decided to increase her own network of clients and collaborators thru an online business. More ..

Exploding Waiora Group Launches TeamZeo.com - A Support Site to Train Their Waiora Team
(PRWEB) December 10, 2005 -- TeamZeo Waiora Distributors are focused on the four fundamentals of attracting the right prospects to Waiora, quality sponsoring, focused retention, and leadership development.

It’s been called the “gathering of eagles” by industry insiders and the most recent $10 million plus career earner to join the TeamZeo.com team. “The amount of six-figure-plus earners and million-dollar-plus earners joining this team in Waiora is staggering says,” Kevin Paschke, who founded the site.

“The contacts, credibility, work ethic and intellectual capital these proven pinnacle leaders bring to the team are creating the stories of a lifetime at Waiora,” says Kevin. More ..


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December 30, 2005  

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