Ada, We Have A Problem

Eric Janssen at Quixtarblog reports a recent article about Quixtar and the storied conflict about the proprietary training system -
It's really a thorough article that provides quotes from the Quixtar faithful as well as critics like Eric Scheibeler. And unlike the Dateline NBC investigation Quixtar actually goes on the record, responding to some of the concerns about tool businesses like Orrin Woodward's TEAM. Read more..

The "tool" issue has long been a problem that has plagued Quixtar and Amway. It could be that the company is just blowing smoke or perhaps the result of declining revenues and membership have provided the wake-up call needed at Alticor.

Quixtar appears to be trying to re-invent itself by openly acknowledging historical barriers that have driven it's less than stellar reputation. Settle the training issues first, then a 15% price decrease? Quixtar could actually make itself an attractive income opportunity.


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