A Network Marketing Paradigm Shift

Successful entrepreneurs seek opportunity in what many consider unlikely places. I believe they have developed a mindset that embraces change along with the understanding that change is a unending condition of life.

The entrepreneur is a non-conformist. The entrepreneur is a "if it ain't broke, then break it" personality. Not all Network Marketers are entrepreneurs however. Successful NMer's understand that they must change their perspective, their paradigm.

Today, as I was evaluating the new direction for my enterprise, I experienced my own personal paradigm shift.

I am preparing to take my business full-time. For many people, particularly those in my family, they consider this unemployed. A funny thought occurred to me - isn't the ultimate goal for the network marketer to achieve the status of being unemployed?


Blogger JBNET said...

If it's time...Go for it!

Hey, send me your current email are you still using mypassportonline.com? or adifferentkindofbiz.com?

Not sure what is getting through.

Merry Christmas!
Jeff B

JBNET Communications
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December 07, 2005  

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