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I woke up this morning and while gulping down my first cup of coffee, I began looking over the ads I placed on this page recently. As the caffeine started to clear the mental fog, a sudden realization struck me.

Holy Qrap! I am a tool system!

I have ads for selling books. I have ads for selling cds. I even have an ad promoting a seminar! How could this happen to me? I don't feel any differently. Did I transform into a nefarious scoundrel?

The truth is that as we continue to expand our knowledge through our personal experiences, the books we read, the audio we hear; we share that knowledge with others. We seek the information to become more effective in our business and to assist others in the process. The more exposure we have in the business, the more information we absorb; the more we can be transformed. Isn't that why we pick up that first book?

More than any title or pin designation, the ability to integrate what we learn into effective activity will establish our reputation with those around us. If one has the confidence to share what they have learned and are willing to offer it openly, are they any less a resource than what one can purchase from whatever supply source?

In this way, if we are serious networkers, don't we actually become a "human tool system" while we are sharing what we know?

I am a tool system!

If I have knowledge about a particular aspect of the business, I share it freely. Do I believe in certain training programs or speakers more than others? Absolutely. Do I recommend these seminars? In the context that there is a need to continue to grow and expand our knowledge and skill-sets, my answer is yes. Do I have a requirement for those working with me to participate in the additional training? Absolutely not!


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