First Things For Fast Starts

As you start your networking business, there are three primary considerations in the teaching process. Doug Firebaugh calls these the three "Maximum Factors" necessary in any effective training.

Basic education will come from the company you are enrolled with and should cover the product/service you are marketing, the compensation plan that will generate your income, and specific techniques to get the newest person off to a fast start.

This must come from the Leadership of your company. Additional self-development teaching, as well as encouragement when you confront challenges. Effective motivation energizes the knowledge you possess.

This is where the what, how, and why take form. Here is where the "doing" component must become activated. The first seven days in the life of the new distributor is critical. Successful habits are formed in this period. It is your role as the leader, as the sponsor, to engage your new business partner in the process quickly and support their efforts.

The goal of a "fast start" should compliment your company's training, it should be easy to transfer, i.e. duplicate, and serve to maximize the success for your new teammate as well as your own.


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