I hate when that happens

In the tradition of the Top Ten list, this from Speed Enterprises blog -
Top Ten Things I Hate About Network Marketing and MLMs
10. I hate being told to call some deadbeat relative that I haven't spoken to in the last 10 years just because they might know someone who would be interested in the business.(Trust me I don't want to know who they know, much less be in business with them)
9. I hate being told to make a list of at least 100 people when I really only regularly associate with maybe 10.
8. I hate going to message boards to advertise only to find out that I am only advertising to other adverisers.
7. I hate over paying for a product that I realy don't need just to get to the next bonus level.
6. I hate being told that I am a whiner, loser, quitter, complainer when I bring up the things I hate. Read the top five most hated...


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