Be proactive

From Chris De La Rosa at Generic Multi Level Marketing Training -
Reach Out and Sell Someone

When you are actively trying to develop business you must be proactive. Sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring does not lead to sales. If you think that the world's most successful sales professionals are simply highly paid "order takers", then you are mistaken.

That does not mean that order takers do not exist, many large companies have large buildings full of people in cubilces answering phones all day long. While they are called "sales", these are not the ones who drive the business.

True sales professionals who work with the largest, most important clients do not sit around awaiting calls. The best of the best are always networking, prospecting, scheduling appointments, following up and developing unique solutions for their customers and future customers. For these people, selling is not part time....they live it. Read more..


Anonymous Digichex said...

Proactive contains the pro in selling. It is said that the sales profession is the highest paid and the lowest paid profession in the world and I think it is the differece between being proactive and reactive in you selling career. I like the penny motivation. I used to use a book of matches to build my insurance book years ago. A book of matches contained 20 matches, every prospect that I would talk to I would take out a match and throw it away. After the twenty were gone then I was through prospecting for the day. I still find that number to hold true, between 10 and 20 prospects per day keeps the pipeline full.

Rick Zeien
Founding Member

October 10, 2005  
Blogger Loser said...

You change template more often than I change my jeans....

October 14, 2005  
Blogger Dave Stone said...

You really ought to change your jeans more then. :)

October 14, 2005  

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