Mentoring For Free - Marrying The Wrong Company

Andrew McLellan of Mentoring For Free writes-
Unless you’re someone who’s done extensive research in the Network Marketing industry before joining a company, chances are that you haven’t been exposed to many/any different companies. People don’t join companies, they join PEOPLE. In some cases this is a positive thing, but in most cases, this can unfortunately lead to the demise of a new distributor’s Network Marketing career. A fresh, wide-eyed recruit will get lost in the company products, compensation plan, and general hype. When this happens, the recruit will be too overwhelmed to understand that the particular company may not be one they want to marry for the rest of their life. Read more to ensure marital bliss...


Blogger Loser said...

Please tell me a thoughtfull answer Dave. 99 out of 100 "MLMs" have that scammy hype. That article admits that. why would some one with basic "business" skills, salesman ship will go that route?

because 90% small business fail?

October 03, 2005  
Blogger Andrew McLellan said...

If the route you're referring to is Network Marketing, I think it's safe to say that the industry has proven it's benefits over the years.

As for the 99 out of 100, I'm not too sure where you got that statistic from, but "scammy hype" is all relative. Of course if you attend a meeting, the affiliates are going to promote their own company. The trick is not to get caught up so much that you quit researching the INDUSTRY and not the COMPANY.

Your friend,
Andrew McLellan

October 03, 2005  
Blogger Loser said...

- What are the benefits? Do you like getting telemarketing calls too?

- Every one who prospected me, wasn't sure what he was doing, and was caught up in hype. So was I. Research told me stay away from industry. There are too many inherent flaws and not good enough vehicle. Can't go to eorope on a cycle.

- Many 'Companies' bash 'industry' and promote their own company. Well, they bash every thing to promote their company.

- Why every other person play mentor? Where are the students?

October 04, 2005  
Blogger Andrea said...

The benefits are things like teamwork where traditional business has none. Many people working together rather than competition in massive marketing and personal growth action in the same direction can be a very powerful thing.

Not having to carry inventory, yet get better than straight affiliate comissions has always been a draw for me also.

Of course, there are great reasons to work towards residual income rather than linear/ trade time for money income...that's a given. And it's very real.... if you've aligned yourself with a 5 pillar company that's built to last.

But the biggest prize for me personally is being rewarded for helping other people to realize their dreams. Everyone who has gained the use of their ears over the use of their mouth can be a mentor to someone. We are each on our own learning curve and personal development path. We each have something valuable to offer the people we come across every day, not the least of which is an ear for listening.


October 07, 2005  

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