Artemis Limpert - Live at Passport LLC

On October 13th, Passport LLC will host Artemis Limpert on our Passport U Guest Speaker series. Here's some info about Artemis from her web site -
Artemis Limpert is a master in creating successful teamwork. She has been through the great struggles of self-doubt, or put another way, of facing her own shortcomings and the myriad ways in which they hobbled relationships with others. Artemis inspires many to “Step Forward” in their lives as she effectively shares the knowledge, skills and insights she has made her own.

Artemis is an EAS Body-for-Life © Grand Champion for the year 2000 and her personal achievements led to her being selected as a current spokesperson for Anthony Robbins latest infomercial “Get the Edge”. In her Network Marketing business she shares her highly effective coaching and teaching methods that changed her business from "No Profit" to being at the top her company within 24 months.
For more about Artemis.

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