Ecopow - These are a few of my LEAST favorite things

Kaleem Abdullah of ECOPOW wrote -
Here are some stupid things some people keep doing that give MLM a bad name:
  1. They focus on the money right up front. Telling people how much money they'll make will make them ask how much money you make... which is not much if you're just getting started. MLM is a lot like farming--- "today we work, tomorrow we harvest".

  2. They advertise in the "Help Wanted" section. If I want a job, I go to the job classifieds. If I'm looking for business, I look in other sections. If it's a JOB I want, I'm looking for salary plus benefits. Chances are good that I'm NOT looking for a company I've never heard of that's "expanding in my area" and is looking for a capital commitment from me. MLMers, KNOCK IT OFF! Place your ad under "business opportunities". You WON'T get good prospects by deceiving them!

  3. They call other ads looking for prospects. If I've paid good money to run an ad, DO NOT call me about doing YOUR deal! THINK about it: If I'll quit my business to do yours, I'll quit YOURS to work someone else's!

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