Best MLM Resources - Above Average People Always Win at MLM!

From Michael Lemm at Best MLM Resources -
....Above Average People Always Win at MLM!....

Average people see the rain.
Above average people see the rainbow!

Average people will train and help people only on their first two levels in ForMor.
Above average people are "level blind" and know that MLM bums from the bottom up!

Average people have one phone line.
Above average people are business minded and have 2-3 phone lines in their home.

Average people would only skim through a training manual like this one.
Above average people, know, that someday, they will have a large downline and need to train their people with this information. That's why they will under-score the parts they like in this manual and highlight other parts with a highlighter pen. That's obvious to any serious "builder" in MLM.
Above average people will click here to


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