Learn from your company and upline

Willie Crawford:
So, I spent many years as an Internet marketer, not taking a serious look at network marketing. When a close friend, whose judgement I trusted, got me to take a serious look at a network marketing business he was in, I was shocked. It was a very powerful business model, offered a great product, and I was sold. Things really took off for me!

Within 3 months of getting involved in network marketing with this company... with a very good product, an excellent compensation plan, and great training, I was the number ONE recruiter in the entire company.

How did I do so well so fast? I used the skills I had learned as an Internet marketer to become a recruiting machine. You see, I'm a pretty good copywriter, an excellent salesperson, and understand marketing. So I just broke out my Internet marketing big guns. I did the things I'd learned over a 7-year period in Internet marketing, and that made me unstoppable. Read this post..


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