Thank You Doug and Jodi Firebaugh

I just returned from Doug & Jodi Firebaugh's Inferno Tour seminar. I will fill in more details on a later post but I would be remiss if I didn't express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Doug & Jodi.

This seminar produced, for me, an opportunity to stretch my comfort zone and broaden my thought processes as it relates to Network Marketing.

Thank you Doug & Jodi for all the helpful information and for all the support and encouragement. Thanks also to Tom (I am sorry I don't recall your last name) and to Loraine Beasley for co-hosting with me. (The truth is, Loraine did all the work in the details.)

A special tip of the hat to those that I met at the seminar and the chance for me to experience my first shot at public speaking.

Lastly, thanks to my brother, Matt, for driving down from Detroit to offer moral support and his kind critique of my speech.

More about this event later -


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