Generic MLM Training with Doug Firebaugh

If you are seeking solid and effective training for your MLM or Network Marketing enterprise, check out Doug Firebaugh's PassionFire web site. Doug is an industry veteran of over two decades, first as a networker, now as a consultant and trainer. Doug, along with wife Jodi, an experienced networker in her own right, are currently offering seminars around the country that are extremely affordable and loaded with valuable information.
The seminar series is known as PassionFire Inferno Tour 2005-2006. This one-day event covers all aspects of building a successful and dynamic networking business. Here are a few of the topics covered during the seminar:
  • Learn the Secrets of working this business on a much higher level and higher realm by moving from being a Network Marketer, to a “Transformation Specialist".
  • Revealed are the Psychological secrets that hold people back and create “Wealth Barriers” that dominate our lives and business. Do you know how to remove them? You will that Saturday!
  • Discover the SCORCHING Success secret of “Working in your Strength.” Most people in MLM work in their weakness and therefore constantly struggle. Do you know the “7 Natural Strengths” and which one is the most dominant in you and you should be using daily in your Network Marketing efforts? You will by attending this event!
  • Discover the Secret of “Where you are” (most do not know) and how you got there in your MLM business. Learn how to move from where you are, to where you DREAM, in a simple process that works daily for thousands of people worldwide.

PassionFire® International Inferno Tour 2005-2006 - Co Sponsored by Networking Times® and Cutting Edge Media


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