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Alleged Pyramid Scheme Operators Banned from Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
By U.S. Federal Trade Commission ( FTC)

$1.5 Million in Consumer Redress Required to Settle FTC Charges

The Federal Trade Commission has settled charges against three corporations and their owners and officers that the defendants used deceptive practices to promote their multilevel-marketing program and were operating an illegal pyramid scheme. The Commission will receive about $1.5 million in consumer redress as part of the settlement. Three of the defendants, who had been top distributors for Equinox International, a multilevel-marketing firm sued by the FTC in 1999, are permanently banned from the multilevel-marketing industry.

The defendants sold products such as water filters, cleaning supplies, nutritional supplements, and beauty aids through a nationwide network of distributors. In its complaint filed in December 2002, the FTC alleged that while distributors were told they could make money by selling the products, the defendants emphasized that they could make more money by focusing on recruiting new distributors. According to the complaint, distributors used deceptive claims to lure prospective participants, including claims that salaried jobs were being offered. The complaint further alleged that the defendants misrepresented that distributors were likely to earn substantial incomes, and that the defendants operated an illegal pyramid scheme. More from CommunityDispatch.com

FK Marketing Launches Online MLM Leads Store

FK Marketing, the #1 online MLM Leads generator today launches VirtueData.com, it's online Lead store, providing high quality non-incentived MLM Survey Leads as well as low cost double opt-in leads.

[ClickPress, Tue Dec 06 2005] FK Marketing, a leading provider of Internet marketing services, today announces the Launch of its online MLM Leads Store, VirtueData.com.

The launch of VirtueData.com further expands FK Marketing's services such as debt and mortgage leads. It is also now opened to Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, in addition to United States of America. FK Marketing continues to be the top online MLM Leads generator, providing high quality non-incentive MLM Survey Leads as well as low cost Double Opt-in Leads. Read the entire press release at ClickPress.

Discover the Cure for Procrastination-Conference Call for Network Marketers and MLM

Press Release by: Total Success Institute
Published on openPR 12-13-2005 08:36 am - CET

(openPR) - Total Success Institute the Indianapolis based Coaching Company, that has successfully coached numerous Network Marketing Professionals to higher levels of success has launched a new Conference Call to help MLM professionals to take action now.

The reason why we don’t take ACTION now and we procrastinate is that we plan to do
it later. Cliff Stocakamp the founder of TSI commented that

'Often we wait for what we think will be a better opportunity to act and in doing that, the end result is procrastination.

We think that by procrastinating, we will be able to create more time. We create the illusion that we will have more time tomorrow than we have today. We think we can create more time later. We think we will have the ability to create more tomorrow. '

Cliff when interviewed went on to discuss his working theory that

'time is an illusion that it doesn’t actually exist – it is simply a measurement between two observable events'. Via openPR.com.


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