MLM Trainers - Where Are They From?

I have attended many seminars as well as purchased various training materials from many well known trainers in network marketing. Since nearly all of these trainers present their material for the widest possible application for the audience, the training is offered generically. I have been involved or within earshot of direct conversations with a few of the "gurus" (or is it guri?) where specific companies were mentioned.

I have always had an interest in knowing the background of the trainer as well as hearing some of their war stories. Perhaps, I am not the only one? Inquiring minds, as they say....

Here are a few names of speaker / trainers that I have a lot of respect for and the companies they were involved with before starting their consulting enterprises.

Jan Ruhe - Discovery Toys for more than 20 years and the top representative for that company.

Tom "Big Al" Schreiter - Nutrition for Life International.

Kim Klaver - National Safety Associates (NSA).

Tim Sales - Nu Skin.

Mark Yarnell - Nu Skin for 13-years earning $13 million and after a short retirement (4 years) returned to networking with Legacy USA.

Todd Falcone - ProSTEP and currently with Xango.

Doug Firebaugh - National Safety Associates (NSA).


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