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The Network Marketing Maze
An Industry Insider Gives His Advice

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 12/29/2005 -- "The Network Marketing industry is difficult to navigate. It is very easy to find yourself in a business that leaves you disappointed. Knowing what to look for is critical," says Bo Short. Short is the president of the American Leadership Foundation and formerly CEO of a network marketing company.

Among his many activities, he has authored two highly acclaimed books on leadership and has spoken in 20 countries on the topics of leadership, team building and success. He has also been involved in the Network Marketing industry for 15 years and has built a network of distributors that has spanned the globe.

"People oftentimes blame themselves for failing in a network marketing business even though they do not understand the possible negative aspects of the company they may be involved with. Just because you had a bad experience does not mean that there is something wrong with you nor is every company in the industry flawed. Don't give up. Educate yourself and reengage," Short states.

After attaining the diamond level in Amway/Quixtar he resigned his position and income. Short said, "I refused to represent a business I no longer believed in." He subsequently appeared on "Dateline NBC" in a national television expose discussing his insights and experiences in that business.

Short offers the following tips to people looking for the ideal situation: "If you want to build a solid business, look for a purpose-driven organization that provides:

-- Cutting-edge, Science-Based Products
-- Competitive Pricing that Offers Real Value
-- Compensation -- Unilevel Plan with Depth Bonuses
-- Training that Benefits You Instead Of Enriching Others
-- Outstanding Leadership -- Solid Record Of Success.
-- A Profitable Company Strategically Positioned And Experiencing Double-
Digit Monthly Growth

Each of these is a starting point. If any one of them is flawed there is a possibility that the company may not be a good fit. Also, make sure you are involved with a company that leads with the products, not the opportunity. Let the products speak for themselves."

Bo Short and his team are experiencing tremendous success with Oasis LifeSciences. He concludes, "Finding Oasis LifeSciences was like landing in the middle of 'The Perfect Storm.' It is incredible and such a rarity in this industry."

PRESS RELEASE The Network Marketing Maze


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