Let Me Clear Something Up

On August 26th, I posted what I intended to be the last post on this page. I attempted to explain my reasons for doing so. I thought I had expressed myself clearly and presented my position. Something interesting occurred after that post however and I now feel compelled to offer more information.

My post "Onward and Upward" I stated that I would stop posting on MLM Today. Imagine my surprise when I heard that some industrious individuals used snippets from that post in a ridiculously postured comment that suggested I was leaving Passport LLC and leaving Network Marketing.

The reports of my networking death has been greatly exaggerated.

I have several other blogs that I have been developing for some time and a few new ones that I have started recently. In my post I stated that I wanted to focus my writing about Network Marketing in a different direction than MLM Today had become.

For the record, I am not resigning my position or business with Passport LLC. I am not quitting Network Marketing. I am not stopping my blogging activities. In fact, I believe that I have something meaningful to share in these three areas with a greater commitment than ever.

More to follow -


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