Leads = The Equalizer

Now here you are - you signed up in your networking business. Your sponsor had you make your "warm-market" list and you have contacted everyone on your list. Perhaps you did that several weeks, months or years ago? Where do you turn to now?
Do you break out in hives at the thought of lurking through the shelves at the local bookstore?
Does Starbucks have a parking spot with your name on it?
Worn out the knees of your best clothes doing the "mall (or maul) crawl"?
Once you've joined the NFL (No Friends Left) club, what options do you have to find potential business partners?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Leads!

Using leads to build your business can dynamically expand your business operation - both in terms of new team members as well as customers. Having said that, I caution anyone jumping into the leads business to consider a few points.
  • Find a partner to work through the calling process.
  • Attend the free training offered by several lead development firms.
  • Research the quality and reputation of your leads source.
  • Develop your own lead capture page as soon as you can.
  • Buy leads as a group to manage your costs effectively.
At present, I am working with a team of people in developing a leads program and training process. This has opened my eyes to how, when utilized properly, anyone can dramatically accelerate your business growth.

More about leads later -


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